• 2017 My Little Pony RPG "Tails of Equestria" Chracter Page

    2017 My Little Pony RPG "Tails of Equestria"  Chracter Page

    While the big reveal earlier this week did show a glimpse at this page, we didn't have full version of it. This will be what you use to dive into the world of Tails of Equestria. It might be a bit less detailed than you are used to if you have played any tabletop game in the past 20 years, but they have already stated that they wanted to keep it relatively simple to open it up tot he vast amount of pony fans who have never tried one before.

    Their exact description in the release:

    As we all get settled into winter and look forward to Hearthswarming, I thought it would be nice to share with those of you eagerly awaiting the Tails of Equestria role playing game some of the things you'll be looking at most often - Character sheets! Character sheets show you all of your PC's (Pony Character) talents and quirks, helping you to remember all the important details as you adventure through Equestria. Create your very own pony ready for the release of Tails of Equestria (officially licensed by hasbro) - coming March 2017! 

    Thanks to Christine for sending it!