• SeaBronies Weekend Sale, New Print, & Cabins Still Open

    The cruise based pony convention Sea Bronies is up with a new sale lasting until then end of Cyber Monday. If you want to cruise with felow pony fans, head on down below the break for the infos!

    Ahoy, mateys!

    Us hearty seafaring ponies at SeaBronies are having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, including the AMAZING new "The Little Mermac" print seen in the header image. With art by Jenn Blake (who'll be on our next cruise!), colors by Ainhoa R (part of the team from the incredible 'Dressed to Kill'), and based on a concept by none other than Peter New (who'll ALSO be on our next cruise!), this print is not to be missed.

    And until the end of "Cyber Monday", it's just $10, with free US shipping or pickup on the ship! (After that, it will go up to $15 + shipping, which for art like this is STILL a steal!)

    But that's not all! We also have T-shirt preorders up for just $15, and the adorable Sea Sailor plushie (which is almost sold out!) for just $30 with free shipping!

    Inline image 2

    And the best news of all? THERE ARE STILL CABINS OPEN on our cruise venue, the Carnival Dream, cruising from January 3 through 8 out of New Orleans! What's more, they're reasonably priced, so you can book today and not break the bank! And UNLIMITED FOOD IS INCLUDED in the cost of your voyage!

    Inline image 3
    For more information on cruising with us, check out the Expedition 2 event page on our Meetup site. (Quick summary: You RSVP with us, book your passage on this cruise with Carnival, pay us our $40 dues for Community Cabin access and group event membership, and you're set!)
    SeaBronies cruises (this will be our third, following the successful Expedition 1 and our trial voyage Expedition Alpha) are incredible, once-in-a-lifetime events, not to be missed. In addition to dining and schmoozing with pony royalty like Peter New and Jenn Blake (plus, pending final availability, Tarby!), we offer onboard planned events in our "Community Cabin" suite including video games, board gaming, and more. We even have our own onboard newsletter, the "Seapony Shanty", which is delivered to your cabin door every morning.
    So be sure to check us out: It's not too late to join us on a magical sea voyage, featuring ancient Mayan pyramids, sun and fun in Cozumel, and even a brony bar trot in old New Orleans!