• Overmare Studios Community Event and Post Compilation

    Overmare Studios has been busy lately but haven't had a chance to compile everything for us until now! They not only have a large number of blog posts to share, but they have an event going on tomorrow for you guys to join in on!

    Get all the details after the break.

    Community Event!

    Tomorrow, Sunday 6th, starting at 9am EST (2pm GMT) The Overmare Studios will be hosting a community livestream event.

    During it our 3D lead Nahka will be working on raider face paints for the Fallout: Equestria Game, and will be taking suggestions/requests for different styles from the audience!

    New Website!

    Worth noting separately is that we have recently completely revamped both our website and forums into something much cleaner, modern, and generally more stable! 

    Blog Post Compilation!

    For various reasons, several of our blog posts haven't been posted on EQD previously, so here is a quick compilation of the latest bunch to make up for that!

    Hardcore Mechanics
    In our new multi-part blog post series we will be uncovering how we will be handling an aspect of the game that we have had quite a few questions about: Hardcore mechanics.

    The first part explains a little what the hardcore mode is and how it will work, while the second one will cover Hunger-Thirst-Sleep, Diseases and Temperature mechanics.

    The Challenges of Quadrupedal Character
    In this exciting journey into one of our technical systems we explain how we handle quadrupedal movement in a first and third person game.

    How To Adapt Written Works to Visual Mediums
    In this second new multi-part blog post series we'll be looking into adapting written works to visual mediums, and just how much work that exactly entails. First part focuses on the aspect of non-linear plotlines.

    As usual, let me know if there is any other information you might need.

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