• Gameloft's Fluttershy 3.2.0 Update Patch Notes Detailed

    Gameloft's most recent Fluttershy update has officially landed. We posted about the Shy family's big reveal a few days ago, but didn't have the complete infos for what would be coming with them.

    Head on down below for the breakdown!


    What's New-
    TRAVELING PONIES: The Golden Horseshoe Hotel is ready to pop up in your Ponyville. It attracts herds of unique ponies to come and stay for a limited time, but you can complete tasks to convince them to settle in Equestria for good.

    NEW PONIES: Welcome Fluttershy's family Zephyr Breeze, Mr. & Mrs. Shy and other ponies.

    ASTONISHING BUILDINGS & DÉCOR: Add The Shy Family Home, Dancing School, Racetrack and more!

    Thanks to Nicholas for the heads up!