• Fallout Equestria: PnP Massive Update

    We've got a massive update on the FoE: Pen and Paper game coming from Dead Tree Studios! They go into detail about their six core books, features, print details and more. It's a huge read but it is full of cool stuff.

    Get it all after the break!

    Greetings Wastelanders! Dead Tree Studios here with a fantastic announcement! As some of you are well aware, for the last couple years we have been working on a print project of the Fallout Equestria: PnP, created by Kkat and Sunrise. About four years ago we started overhauling the original game, creating what was commonly known as the “Master List System”. To this date, we currently have over 40 playable races, 1000 items including weapons and armor, 1500 perks and traits, over 250 spells, new mechanics and more!

    Those of you who were at our BABScon and Ponyville Ciderfest panels this year are aware that we had started writing our six core rule books about a year and a half ago. We are proud to announce that, as of this release, all six books have been written. Two of which have passed the editing phase and are starting their formatting stage, where we put the edited manuscripts into Adobe Indesign and arrange them into books fit for print. The remaining four are currently undergoing the various stages of our editing process.

    These six core rule books are:

    The Wasteland Survival Guide: Our core rule book, and the only book you actually need to play. It contains everything a player would need, 12 core races, items, spells, traits, traps, and other lists needed to bring a character up to level 30. It also has some loot tables, traps, and other GMing essentials. This is the book in which we brought a demo of to Ponyville Ciderfest!

    Diary Of A Mary Sue: Our character creation guide. This book contains in depth info on character creation, including detailed lore on the 12 core races, extended trait and perk lists, and character creation walkthroughs for new and experienced players alike.

    GM Bullshit The Overmare: This is our Game Master’s guide. In it contains everything a GM will need to run a game. Worldbuilding and storytelling, extended loot tables and hazard charts, NPC’s and boss building, a modest bestiary, and more.

    Hoofticuffs: Those who have read Fallout: Equestria and its inumerous side stories are aware of some of the martial arts in KKat’s universe. We at Dead Tree Studios have created a martial arts mechanic so that now you too can master Doombunny, Fallen Caesar, or any of the 20+ new martial arts we have created.

    The Locked Safe: This is our list compendium. In it holds all the complete extended lists: Items, Spells, Perks, Traits, Pegasus Tricks, etc. This book is the pure definition of list porn.

    The Gilded Cage: Our 6th book is our Bestiary. In it holds all our mobs. From raiders to brainbots to Steel Rangers to Hydras. Included is also an extended boss list and a section on how to “Build a better monster”.

    All of our books will include a “TL;DR” section at the back which will be a one or two page summary of what you need to know, along with ruled paper for taking your own notes, as well as adding in your homebrews and other mods to the system.

    What Else?

    Alongside our core rule books we are also planning on releasing a series of 3D printed minifigs, which are currently in the process of being 3D modelled by the wonderfully talented FireRyd3r.

    There will also be a foldable cardboard map of the Equestrian Wasteland.

    A GM Blind Screen with art on one side and charts and tables on the other.

    A CD/Thumbdrive with digital copies of all our books and character sheets, as well as links to the most up to date lists and mechanics, including our auto populating Google Sheets character sheet.

    A complete box set which includes: all six books, the minifigs, the dice set, map board, GM Blind and the CD/Thumbdrive that will be available upon release.

    However after our initial release we plan on publishing a series of Race, Universe and Mechanics expansions. As well as some pre-generated campaigns, but these won’t be for quite some time.

    What still needs to get done:

    As we said before, all of our books have left the writing stage and are currently undergoing editing or formatting. Art is currently our biggest hurdle as we are illustrating all the Items in the system. As well as adding in digital paintings, box art and other miscellaneous illustration. All of the Items have been sketched out and designed and we are currently in the middle of vectoring all the line art.  Box art for the box set, CD, and other boxes/cases also needs to get done. Minifigs have been designed and modeled in clay. They are now undergoing the process of being 3D modelled in 3D Modelling software.


    Now for those concerned, Dead Tree Studios has the written permission of Kkat, Madmod, Shadysteps and everyone else who has contributed to the initial ruleset. We are also donating all the proceeds of our Core Rule Book: The Wasteland Survival Guide, to a charity of Kkat’s choice, as most of the content in that book does not belong to us, and as such we are not comfortable with receiving any form of profit from it. The other books are all completely our own Intellectual Property, and all the books explicitly avoid the use of Hasbro and Bethesda’s IP.


    Our estimated release is currently set for early to mid 2017. That is when we are hoping to have everything fit for printing and to open sales on Indiegogo. Books will be available for roughly 40$ USD with the complete box set priced at approximately 500$ USD and include free shipping to the continental United States. After our initial order is done and we have mailed out all of our books and box sets we hope to have an extra stock of books to sell on our website so you don’t have to wait for mass bulk orders. We also plan on finishing all of our Race, Mechanic and Universe expansions, along side pre-generated campaigns, map packs and more after the initial release.

    How Can You Help?

    A question we actually get quite often. For the most part Dead Tree Studios has everything under control. It’s not a matter of IF this project will be released, but simply a matter of WHEN the project will be released. So for those of you wanting to to help us out we ask that you:

    Check out our website, where we post our weekly Dev Blog updates:

    Follow us on Facebook:

    Twitter: @ProjectDeadTree

    Picarto where we livestream the creation of all our art:

    And check out our Patreon:

    Where we have a bunch of fantastic rewards from posters, to commissions to even pre ordering a Patreon only box set which includes everything the regular box set will have, plus a Patreon only book and a few other goodies!

    Artists who would like to contribute to the project are encouraged to email us at: info.deadtree@Gmail.com with a portfolio demonstrating their work. We aren’t made of money but are flexible and willing to work things out….. No that doesn’t mean we’ll pay you in “exposure”, it means we will negotiate a proper payment plan and price (With actual American Pesos!) that we both find acceptable. Experience in vectoring is preferred but not required.

    We encourage you to send us your: Questions, Comments, Queries, Insults and Hate Mail to: foedeadtree@gmail.com . Our editor Biscayne just LOVES grammar checking hate mail.

    We also would like to inform you that our 3D Modeler FireRyd3r will be releasing his series of Fallout Equestria Ministry Mare Statuettes at Pacific Pony Con in January 2017. So please check him out at: www.Fireryd3r.deviantart.com

    Thank you Wastelanders! Until next time!
    The Dead Tree Studios Staff

    Twitter: Calpain