• Discussion: Choose a Character to Take Starlight's Place in Season 7!

    Our hypothetical Hasbro executive is back and she needs your tremendously excellent feedback once again to determine the future of season 7! They loved the dynamic of adding Starlight Glimmer as an unofficial "mane pony" but have already exhausted their merchandising options with her and need a new pony to fill a similar toy-selling role in the future!

    That's where you come in. Starlight Glimmer is heading off to do important archmage things, and the new 8th must be chosen to take her place. With your vast stores of pony knowledge, you need to decide who her replacement will be. Your pony does not need to be Twilight's apprentice. She or he will simply have 3-5 episodes dedicated to them and a big push on the overarching storyline.

    So, who's it going to be? Which cartoon horse is your new mane? What will their role in season 7 be?

    Go decide in the comments!