• Community Soapbox #7 - The Argument Against Starlight Glimmer, How to Make an Exit, And More!

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    This week, the following topics:

    • The Argument AGAINST Starlight Glimmer!
    • Sunset’s True Destiny
    • I Made a Thing. Should I Post or Upload It?
    • OC's and Their Backgrounds
    • How to Make an Exit
    • Bringing Back the Classics of MLP

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    Sunset’s True Destiny
    By: selfproclaimed

    Fan theories? Let’s do fan theories.

    Sunset is one of the most well-received characters in the Equestria Girls series, to the point that many fans want her to make an appearance in the main show (according to EQD’s own Season 7 wish poll). Yet, it’s hard to deny she’s without her flaws, mainly that of a backstory or decent motivation for her actions in EQG1. If we look between the lines, however, is there something more to Sunset that we missed?

    We know Celestia has a school specifically for seeking out and training talented Unicorns. Why would she go to the trouble to tutor mages all over the country in addition to ruling it? Well, let’s take a look at Sunset’s cutie mark, the sun itself. While cutie marks involving the sun and moon exist with other ponies, they mainly exist on the weather controlling pegasi.

    Sunset has shown an aptitude for magic rivaling Twilight, yet doesn’t have a magic cutie mark. This leads me to belive that Sunsets destiny is to succeed Celestia as ruler of Equestria and moving the sun. No wonder she was so angry at Twilight for seemingly stealing her destiny from her.

    I Made a Thing. Should I Post or Upload It?
    By: Bobbatron808

    The brony community inspires many of us to create and give back to the fandom, but it may be hard to muster up the courage to post or upload your work. Will my work get hate? Will it get dislikes? Will anyone even see it?

    If you make something you truly love, whether it’s video, art, music, or fanfiction, don’t be afraid to share it with the community. You might actually get constructive feedback to use to improve your skills. Yeah, you might get some non-constructive hate comments too, but that shouldn’t stop you. If you’re truly passionate about what you do, the hate won’t matter as much. Even the dislikes will sting less. And if nobody sees your work, don’t worry, there’s always next time. Just keep creating!

    One final tip: If you make something, before posting it, you should first sit back and watch, look at, listen to, or read it once more. If it makes you genuinely smile or laugh, then post it! Chances are other people will like it too!

    OCs and their backgrounds
    By: Yamiks

    One day looking here and there, stumbling around I finally came across some OCs(original characters).
    Out of curiosity I read some stories and descriptions. Some were interesting, others were boring and
    then there were some that stood out for being plainly bad.

    Thing you notice about OCs is that people make their characters as a more "perfect" version
    of themselves or just outstanding in some way. What I would suggest in this editorial would be that
    you (if you're into OC stuff) try-out creating a background OC for the show with 2-3 flaws and then
    build upon that.

    Then if you choose your character to excel in something, don't make this character "THE BEST"
    at it in the world, that would just cheapen it. How about make it "the best" in that small town or
    neighbourhood, so, later on, if this character chooses to pursue the dream of improving that skill or
    aspect, there would be room for it.

    Remember the world is big and there (most likely) will be someone better than you and overcoming
    difficulties or improving oneself can grow character as a whole!

    Also, feel free to share your OC's story, who knows : someone might enjoy it!

    How To Make An Exit
    By Goldfur

    The season six finale was enjoyable, but not without flaws, but I wish to highlight how unnecessary one of the most jaw-dropping was. I refer to how Chrysalis made an exit after swearing vengeance, and not one single pony nor changeling did a thing to stop her. Every reviewer that I watched had the same reaction. I am glad such a great villain as Chrysalis is still at large, but the manner in which it was done could have been so much better, and within canon too!

    In the Canterlot Wedding episode, Chrysalis surrounded Twilight with a sphere of magic that sank through the solid floor, and through who knows how much rock until it reached the mines below. Why couldn't Chrysalis have done the same to herself, disappearing through floor of the broken hive in such a manner that no pony could replicate? Thorax is the only one who might have the ability, but not the knowledge of how to do it, so the changeling queen could easily have made her escape in a manner that could have satisfied every viewer.

    The Argument AGAINST Starlight Glimmer! 
    (in her current form)
    By: Dipperpines

    So since Calpain decided against talking about Starlight, here's my issues with her, wonder what you guys make of that:

    - her reason for almost destroying time was that a friend moved away? Too weak of a motivation to go that way, could she not have written? Visited? If other things happened that made her as she is, then that should have been shown, to really establish her deep emotional troubles. But it was not shown and thus her motivation feels weak. We can only work with what was explicitly shown and said, everything else is just speculation.
    - she was best friends with everypony too easily at the end of S5 just like that, without earning any trust, especially with regard to what she had done. People sometimes complain when she is compared to Sunset but Sunset actually had to EARN the trust of everybody around her, she was pretty much hated in RR at the start for what she had done, only the mane5 sticked to her. And she was not even besties with them either, they did not ask her to play in the band, so she had some ways to go even with the mane5.
    - Starlight is much much too powerful. She is as strong as or even stronger than ALICORN Twilight Sparkle, element of MAGIC. That just makes no sense, that destroys everything previous seasons have established of how strong Twilight acually is. If Tirek absorbed Starlight's powers, he would have easily whooped Twilight's butt as it is now. That just does not work for me.
    - Seth put that as a positive trait of hers, but I think it's bad: it feels like she is just replacing Twilight more and more. Why strip off that magic stuff of Twilight and force it on a new character, instead of giving Starlight something unique to stand out without shaming existing mane6 characters? Would that have been so hard?

    That being said, I don't hate her. I have these issues with her, but it's still okay to have her in the show for me. In the s6 opener her part was actually the silver lining for me compared to the "Flurry story". But I won't be hyped for more of her given these issues if they are not (somehow?) resolved. However that would work for some of these issues as they are established now.

    Bringing Back the Classics of MLP
    by Booksmart

    Lauren Faust is truly a modern-day Renaissance artist when she was given the task to revitalize My Little Pony. She took the high fantasy and action-adventure elements of the 1980's My Little Pony, the slice of life and pop culture elements of My Little Pony Tales from 1990's and the adorability. love, and friendliness of G3 My Little Pony and combine them to create the modern and well-loved if not popular show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! There are many Easter eggs and tips of MLP from the revitalized intro theme song to Rarity's beauteous butterfly wings in the season one episode "Sonic Rainboom" ( an homage to the Flutterponies from the 1980's My Little Pony) all the way with dealing with foes such as Lord Tirek and The Smooze from Rescue at Midnight Castle and the 1986 MLP film, respectively. So many characters were revitalized into G4: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Night Glider, Moondancer, Spike, Applejack, and even new mare on the block Starlight Glimmer are just a few examples. Who knows what else the show can bring back? They could bring back Wind Whistler, a smart, erudite , and friendly Pegasus mare to Lavan, a malevolent power-hungry lava monster. The possibities are endless!