• An In-Progress Fighting is Magic Spinoff with Mane 6 and More Characters Added

    When Fighting is Magic was shut down all those years ago, the dream of a My Little Pony fighter didn't die with it. Quite a few teams around the web started playing around with the source files and creating spinoffs and other projects. Many of these didn't go too far, with terrifying OC clones of the mane 6 and half finished everything pervading the majority. This one seems to be trying to stick to the original idea though, with new characters and simple expansion on the main game.

    Fighting is Magic MEGA releases regular updates showing off their new character additions, songs, art asset creation, and more. If you are curious, check out Trixie beating up Applejack down below in their more recent update video.

    Note: I might do an article highlighting a bunch of Fighting is Magic clones. If you know of any good ones, send them to submit!