• The Path to SEAPonyCon: The Manila Keynote

    Another episode of SEAPonyCon's road to their convention! Get it down below.

    We understand if you were unable to make it to #PHPonyCon last week due to Typhoon Sarika making unexpected landfall just hours before the convention, so we've recorded The Manila Keynote, and have uploaded it just for you to catch up on the biggest Project SEAPonyCon update yet.
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    In this episode:
    (image attached - andrea announce.png)
    Project SEAPonyCon is officially the first pony convention in Asia that will feature a VA who worked on the show - another reason for you to make your way to Bangkok! Ms. Andrea Libman - the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy will be in the house!
    While our ticket prices have not been set, we renewed our promise of a maximum price - that the price of a ticket to both days of Project SEAPonyCon will not cost more than 30 USD
    Take a peek at the proposed schedule and timeline of Project SEAPonyCon, inspired and curated from the best of Southeast Asia's brony scene.
    We are in need of artists, animators, community liaisons, translators and event staff so please shoutout to us at contact@SEAPonyCon.com or message us at fb.com/SEAPonyCon to register your interest.
    We get it. Discord links are as messed up as the Lord of Chaos himself, hence we have made a Discord link that's much easier to process - http://discord.SEAPonyCon.com.