• Pony ASMR Project - Relax with Ponies!

    I have to admit, I've heard of ASMR in the past, but never really bothered to look into it. It's a pretty big deal these days growing rapidly over in Youtube land. The basic idea is to calm the mind with long-duration videos filled with subtle auditory queues like a paper bring crinkled or ruffling shoes. Different people respond to it in completely different ways, with some falling into a trance and others just overall feeling incredible.

    A group of audio enthusiasts, voice actresses, and artists have come together to create pony based ones, starting with an hour long Fluttershy video.

    Head on down below the break for the details and to try it out!

    Their full first video project:

    There is another one coming, with a trailer over here.

    They are seeking more audio engineers to add to their growing number of volunteer staff. Check out this google doc for information on how you can join.

    And if you like it, they are also on Patreon.