• Pinkie Pie Day in 3 Days!

    Pinkie's Day is on the horizon and Pinkie is busy preparing for her special day! While Pinkie prepares that doesn't mean we get to sit back and relax, we need to pull together to make this day one Pinkie would love. So far we've received 28 emails, not too bad compared to some of our other appreciation days, but I know we can do better!

    So before Pinkie Day arrives on October 7th, send all your Pinkie Pie art, music, stories, comics, animations, ect to submit@equestriadaily.com with Pinkie Pie Day in the subject header along with the type of material you are sending in for easier sorting.

    Hope to see what you guys send in and I'll be seeing you with one more reminder just before Pinkie's day!

    Tutorial below the break!

    Twitter: Calpain