• Patreon Celebration - October - A Rare Diamond Studded Pony Pendant

    Another month has gone by and we have more patreon rewards to give out! As always, please message the EQD patreon directly to claim yours so we can check via account. Quote a few people never claim them, and it's more fun when I'm running around trying to manage a million requests at once.

    As always, feel free to request new rewards to be added. I want this to be more fun than anything, so nothing that would limit other's ability to view EQD stuff. As someone from gaming dealing with the surge of DLC now days, It's something I want to avoid.

    Thanks again to everyone who is donating. It's both tremendous motivation and very helpful to keep this place reliable as we move on the pony year seven. We have a few neat ideas in the works for the future based on this.

    Anyway, on with the show! This month's theme is Rarity in a witch hat! The most fashionable witch in ponyland, second only to Trixie when ponies call her a witch. Poor Trixie...

    Quotes and Links!

    Specially Trainer Derp
    Rainfury - "Twilight Sparkle makes reading fun"

    Shield Generator - "Witre paeunt btuetr in the cmometns if you uenrdsantd tihs msegase"

    Shadowkrosser - "Everyone deserves better than what life gives them, but better can only come by affording it to each other."

    Luster - "Have a few bits tucked away? Get a commission from a new artist! Your support can help motivate them to keep improving their work."

    Frith - "Watch out, Princess! That book is a trap! 
    Twilight bolts awake from her midday nap. 
    The nightmare is over but there will be scars, 
    Twilight will take solace by watching the stars."
    More Twilight journal here!

     Rezen - "Why don't we just discuss the way Lyra eats cake?"

    MAXIMILLIOUS THE 2ND - "War, War never changes"

    AidonofVT - *slap* Lose the pessimism, get some perspective, and register to vote already!

    Tier 2 - Image and Quote

    Jerry - "Flutter-daimyo sends regards and hugs to all her loyal ninja subjects!"


    Guiding Breeze - "DM29 continues his quest to kill us all with cuteness!"

    Niels Olof - “All rise for Captain Rarity!”

    Ajnrules - "Go Rangers! #NeverEverQuit"

    Rezakozen - "For a very close friend that has Blazed his way into my life. I know you'll love this. You're amazing. :)"

    Special Reward Tiers

    Ajnrules - "I love Rainbow Dash!"

    Lahirien - "Ponies are no longer considered free time, but rather a necessary part of life, like eating, breathing, or muffins."

    Ryan- ""Cant wait to see what the fandom comes up with for nightmare night, the pumpkins are always amazing. stay classy ponies and cheers to another great nightmare night.""

    Zipzap - "Why can't I hold all this pony?"

    Warturte - "Anyone playing Sun and Moon next month?"

    Novel Idea - “You mean I have to be good all the time?" —Sunset Shimmer, 2015 The Albinocorn. “Long Road to Friendship"