• Hasbro Q3 Earnings Report is in - Girls Up 57%!

    There wasn't anything incredibly interesting revealed for upcoming pony stuff in Hasbro's Q3 report this morning, but we do get a bit of insight from how well their girls side is doing. According to the breakdown they provided, earnings have increased a whopping 57% on that front. This does include Frozen, Trolls, Furby, and Baby Alive, but it's good regardless if we want more cartoon horse when little girls are buying toys.

    Their big pony focus seems to be the movie:
    “In 2017, the MY LITTLE PONY movie will bring global audiences to all new worlds with both the core cast of characters along with all new characters”

    So I'm sure we can expect a LOT of stuff revolving around that for 2017, much like the treatment Transformers gets whenever a film hits the big screen.

    You can find the presentation over here.

    Thanks to Jason for the heads up.