• Drawfriend Stuff #2062


    I really enjoyed that finale. I've watched the Trixie scenes a few times now, and still can't believe she got so much spotlight this season. Someone at DHX knows how to assign a good supporting cast!

    Get the arts below.

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    A Change of Heroes by AssasinMonkey

    [2] Source

    The Farmer and the Teacher by cheezedoodle96

    [3] Source

    Guardians of the Harmony by PhuocThienCreation

    [4] Source

    Twilight the Bearded by mysticalpha

    [5] Source

    Our goddess by Asika-Aida

    [6] Source

    Dash by littleSpiritRose

    [7] Source

    [CE] Sunset Shimmerdash by RuushiiCZ

    [8] Source

    [Animation] Vampire Witch Fluttershy (Pantie Ver.) by vavacung

    [9] Source

    little flier by Mirta-Riga

    [10] Source

    In the forest by MoonDreamer16

    [11] Source

    Applejack Scarecrow by mysticalpha

    [12] Source

    Daring Did by VanillaGhosties

    [13] Source

    Another Blue Ribbon for Starlight [CAPs D29] by VanillaGhosties

    [14] Source

    Drunk Discord by PigzFairy

    [15] Source

    Lunar Jade Skywalker by Duskie-06

    [16] Source

    Reach for the sky(Wasteland cowboy) by DiscordTheGE

    [17] Source

    Bug Queen by JoelletheNose

    [18] Source

    Vinyl daki by FoxInShadow

    [19] Source

    Commission: Elyse by Adostume

    [20] Source

    A new friend by xWhiteDreamsx

    Top bat

    [22] Source

    [Contest Entry] An Autumn Adventure by MysticNuryn

    [23] Source

    Happy Halloween by ten-dril

    [24] Source

    Commission for benzgirl4 by SunshineJoyYT

    [25] Source

    Commission Arthur by HowXu

    [26] Source

    Nightmare Night by Spookyle

    [27] Source

    Gift for PrettyShineGP by ImmaGoddamPony

    [28] Source

    MLP OC Adoptable - Auction open by secret-pony

    [29] Source

    Special SnowFlake by MrScroup

    [30] Source

    [MLP:OC] Lolita by StarlyFlyGALLERY

    [31] Source

    Next Gen: Reese Pie by DingoBreath

    [32] Source

    Keepin' the faith by ThePossumface

    [33] Source

    Happy Nightmare Night! by tehflah

    [34] Source

    Velvet by lula-moonarts

    [35] Source

    Night swimming by GloriaJoy

    [36] Source

    by enryuuchan (blog marked as nsfw on tumblr, proceed with caution!)

    [37] Source

    by enryuuchan (blog marked as nsfw on tumblr, proceed with caution!)

    [40] Source

    Happy Birthday, Lolita! by CoralinaToilly

    [42] Source

    Just a pretty thing by CoralinaToilly