• Rarity Top 20 - 20 Best Rarity Themed Brony Songs!

    We've had a long run here in ponyland, and quite a few amazing musicians over the years have put their talents into making us some of the catchiest tunes on the internet. Thanks to an exceedingly musical show, our remixes have absolutely dominated over on Youtune, and our originals are some of the highest rated fandom songs out there.

    Below the break, we dive into 20 of the best Rarity themed pieces the fandom has produced over the years. Some remix, some original. Go get em!

    [1] Source

    Generosity - Original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony [Ft. EileMonty] by AcoustiMandoBrony

    [2] Source

    Replacer - Let Your Mane Down (d.notive cover) by replacer

    [3] Source

    d.notive - Becoming Popular [1987 House Mix] by d.notive

    [4] Source

    SoGreatandPowerful : A Beautiful Heart by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

    [5] Source

    General Mumble - Couldn't You Just Simply Die? by Mumble Etc.

    [7] Source

    Silva Hound - Diamonds (Original Mix) by Silva Hound

    [8] Source

    The Wasteland Wailers – (Hey Hey) Ms. Rarity [1000th SC Follower Special] by OvermareStudios

    [9] Source

    It's Gonna Work (JTH Remix) by JoinedTheHerd

    [10] Source

    Art of the Industry (Rarity IS Industry) by DrDissonance1

    [12] Source

    Art of Dress (Archie Remix) by Archie (Second Channel)

    [13] Source

    PinkiePieSwear - Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix) by Matt R

    [14] Source

    Giving Manehattan Back - WoodLore by WoodLore

    [16] Source

    Avicii vs. Rarity - The Levels Everypony Should Know (Silva Hound Bootleg) by Silva Hound

    [17] Source

    MLP Fighting is Magic - Rarity Theme by Kyles Brony

    [18] Source

    Art of the Dress (Aftermath Remix) by AftermathMakesMusic

    [19] Source

    Rarity feat. Elusive - Generosity by Sim Gretina

    [20] Source

    Rarity - Fashionista (Sim Gretina Remix) by Sim Gretina