• Project SEAPonyCon Makes History With SE Asian Fundraising

    SEAPonyCon which recently held a fundraising campaign for the convention has made history among the pony conventions in southeast Asia by raising the most money through a crowdfunding campaign! A big congrats to them as the convention continues to come together.

    But now that crowdfunding is over, what can be expected? Well, the team at SEAPonyCon have put together a helpful infographic for you all to look at tonight! Check it out after the break.

    Project SEAPonyCon has just wrapped up their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and have made history. The convention has raised more money than any other Southeast Asian MLP:FiM-inspired crowdfunding project to date and the team cannot wait to put more plans into action than ever before.

    Name: Project SEAPonyCon
    Date: 19-20 August 2017
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

    Twitter: Calpain