• Urban Comics to Release New My Little Pony Comic Collection in October

    Parlez vous francais? If not and you live in France that's a problem. Especially since Urban Comics is publishing translated editions of the IDW My Little Pony Comics!

    Hopefully the third time is the charm. *rubs temples*

    For those unaware, Urban Comics is a French Comic company that specializes in importing and translating American Comics for a French Audience. Back in 2013 this company received the Hasbro license to translate the IDW comics and began releasing Hardcover Collected Editions that contained two issues of the Friendship is Magic Comic series, and one issue of the Micro series. Two volumes in total were released under their now defunct Sizarette imprint.

    In 2014, the original format was scrapped in favor of Hardcover Collected Editions that contain four issues of the IDW MLP Comics. This approach was slightly more successful, which can be partially attributed to having the price point set under 7,00€—making these collected editions of the IDW comics the cheapest ever released. A grand total of four volumes were released in 2014 under their Urban Kids imprint. A Tome 5 was planned for an early 2015 release, however owing to the low sales (Tome 1, Tome 2, Tome 3, and Tome 4 are still available from their first printings on amazon.fr) the volume was ultimately canceled.

    Apparently the cancelation of Tome 5 didn't spell the end of the French translated comics, for now in 2016 Urban Comics is trying once again! The volume will collect issues # 1 – 8 of IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series—thus covering The Return of Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Rarity arcs—and is currently scheduled for an October 14th, 2016 release.

    Will there be more of these collections coming out from Urban Comics? Well, like every other media out there, the series will last so long as it is profitable.

    You can order the comic from Amazon.fr here!