• Story: Return to Gravity Falls - The Equestria Chronicles (Update Part 9!)


    Author: ArkansanDragon
    SPOILERS for Gravity Falls' season 2 & series finale (Seriously, GF is best gone into blind!). Set during MLP:FIM Season 6 after "The Crystaling". You have been warned!
    One year after Weirdmageddon, the Pines reunite in Gravity Falls for another summer of adventure. A fall into Equestria wasn't what they had in mind though, or being turned into colorful ponies...
    Twilight and friends seek to help the lost travelers return home, but meanwhile, a new danger sets its sights on Equestria, and revenge.
    Return to Gravity Falls: The Equestria Chronicles (New Part 9!)

    Additional Tags: Unexpected Summer Adventure Dooms Equestria