• Drawfriend Stuff #1999

    How... It has only been a day. AssasinMonkey is a machine. He must be an escaped Google AI prototype or something. No one should be able to draw something that detailed that quickly.

    Get arts below while I cry over my terribleness.

    [1] Source

    Through Ogres and Oubliettes by AssasinMonkey

    [2] Source

    Smile by PastelMistress

    [3] Source

    Are you feeling it now? by DimFann

    [4] Source

    Garbunkle and Sir McBiggin by GaelleDragons

    [5] Source

    Keep Pretending by dSana

    [6] Source

    Dungeons and Lovers by KarmaDash

    [7] Source

    Lady Ice cream by Alasou

    [8] Source

    Flutter Kind by InsaneRoboCat

    [9] Source

    Magic Inside by The1Xeno1

    [10] Source

    Zipline by uotapo

    [11] Source

    Fluttershy + Speedpaint by Scarlet-Spectrum

    [12] Source

    After Work by Shikogo

    [13] Source

    Saving Shmarity by luminaura

    [14] Source

    Frizzy and Lora Ipsa by Lanmana

    [15] Source

    Discord by Magiace by TungstemWillow

    [16] Source

    ''we'll start our history without end'' lunacord by LunacordLover

    [17] Source

    Sun Goddess by CutePencilCase

    [18] Source

    Diamond in the rough by Seleniium

    [19] Source

    Hug Bug by MrArdilla

    [20] Source

    My Fluffy Cay-Cay by StePandy

    [21] Source

    Natg day 13 by Madacon

    [22] Source

    Rogue Dash by Tartifondue

    [23] Source

    Natg16 13 by K1emm

    [24] Source

    season6 Flurry Heart by Kinda-L

    [25] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders by ChrisWithATa

    [26] Source

    Do I look angry? (ATG 2016) #9 by dkghost

    [27] Source

    NATG6 Day 13 by da-Exile

    [28] Source

    Rainbow Rogue by TheRandomJoyrider

    [29] Source

    Spike by DinKelion

    [30] Source

    [SS6 E17] Mean while~ by PhuocThienCreation

    [31] Source

    Natg day 12 by Madacon

    Original Ponies

    [32] Source

    Heavenly Hazelnut and Elixir Ripple by Silent-Shadow-Wolf

    [33] Source

    [MLP:OC] Hi by StarlyFlyGALLERY

    [34] Source

    Comm: Dante by Left2Fail

    [35] Source

    Original/Commission: Cold Snap by EStories

    [36] Source

    Eten Hant by apostolllll

    [37] Source

    Something kinda fishy by Glitter-Bell

    [38] Source

    YCH .:Dancing:. by Exceru-Hensggott