• Panini Comics Germany Releases FIENDShip is Magic German Translated Trade Paperback!

    As the title of the post says, Panini Comics Germany has released the German Translation of FIENDship is Magic! And unlike the American (or Italian) release, they opted to go with a cover featuring Queen Chrysalis portraying Lucrezia Borgia. Apparently someone in the Stuttgart office is up on their art history!

    I will not lie, I actually want to hear this one voiced by the German Dub actors. Just listen to German Chrysalis, listen to German Sirens, listen to German King Sombra, and listen to German Nightmare Moon. Say what you will about the show being dubbed into other languages (and the quality of the dubs for better or for worse) but I have to say that all of these voice actors/actresses are excellent in this dub.

    You can order the collection from Amazon.de here, or for those traveling internationally this summer, you can pick it up in person and get it signed by MLP Comic Artist Brenda Hickey at GalaCon!