• French Youtuber Pits Rainbow Dash Against Sonic in a Surprisingly Awesome Rap Battle

    I bet this would be absolutely amazing if I could understand what they were saying. Maybe one you should go translate it. It's actually a really cool video just to watch though, even if you aren't into the sonic side of things.

    Check it out below!

    (Update: Translation below!) 

    Translation from FyeCed

    [Rainbow dash]
    A hedgedog is less class than a pony
    who has a beautiful mane and know how to fly !
    Sorry my poor little Sonic Sorry I'm the coolest
    I'm gonna drown you under my flow while your licence sink
    I don't know if all that is loyal...
    What do you think, laggard ?
    Awesomes girls against super piece of junk
    Give yourself all ! No need to hold anything back
    However , Rarity, please find him some clothes

    I bounce on your arguments like on a bumper
    I dodge all your tongue-in-cheek like a flipper ball
    Ponies, Flowers, Stars... you digust me !
    you see life trought pink teinted glasses , I'm gonna show you all colors
    No need raibow to be super sonic
    I will shut you in a cage : I "robot-nik" ! ( no translate, it's a pun)
    you reach the speed of sound ? yeah.... not bad
    But a horse is better than a pony !

    [Rainbow dash]
    you're stupid Bro, I'm an In figure
    Troubles like you, I get rid of them
    demons dragons, half god, griffons
    Oh my god i'm scared of a hedgedog !
    you're faster than a evil fatso and think you're worthy
    but who botch his gamesto finish thme in time ?
    beware of precipitation, you're at the precipice hegde
    If you need help, (SONIC RAINBOOM), I let you my number

    You want a gold death ? (in French, "mort d'or"sound like Mordor) I'm the lord of the rings
    don't wake up my fellowship, they're not going to be friendly
    You think we love because of your meme
    so boost yourself, because here, I overtake you rainbow
    You don't have a girlfriend ? you'll be forever alone.
    I'm already in Starlight, you're stuck in the Friendzone !
    I freaking love chilli dogs but  for you it's the end
    you will finish in ground meat, direction Findus (Findus is a compagny of quick-freeze, and there was a scandal about horse meat inside lasagna instead of beef)

    [Rainbow dash]
    30 milions of friends (30milions d'amis is an association against abuse of domestic animals) but no one to save you
    In ten saconde flat I become 20% cooler
    me Princess, call me majesty, you want to try me, 
    it's uncontested, I molested you, you're devasted, climb down
    and while your fanbase make you fuck all that Ocs, all flabby,
    go back to work, at least to respond !

    You think you rap fast, you'll loose thin run at the end
    this time it's failed, you will not surpasse yourself at the last moment.
    you're afraid of ridicule, you try to prove your worth
    but you have no self confidence,but y'oure not good enough
    you call yourslef loyal and you neglect your friends for sportsman
    Your sucess is young and in your team you're not the only one
    25 years that i'm here, my fans love me, yes it's my guarantee
    ths guys crown me 90's symbol !

    [Rainbow dash]
    Oh yes Sonic, kiss me !
    your sentimental story make me in a flutter
    You should have stay died ! you're pathetic
    Send a letter to elise and go back make classic
    Fragile ! a flick and you loose all your goods 
    you run after jewelry and I am the chick ?
    You have sell yourself to Nintendo for few coins
    you have suck Mario so much now you're a princess !

    Don't get on your hight horse, you can't
    You have your head in clouds, I'm with the stars
    even my shadow has success, Every want Sonic !
    So much that they want me in Olympics games !
    I have seen grown gamers who dream of my adventures
    not cracked who fantasize to have you like mount
    you're K.O., I have control ans I stay cool
    I have gone so strong, there is the mark of my victory on your flank !