• MLP Collectible Card Game Regional Events in Western Europe

    MLP: CCG Regional events are making their return to Western Europe, in the UK, Netherlands, France, and Spain! Even better, they start in just a few weeks, and there's a special Regional that will be held at BUCK in Manchester on April 10th.

    There's plenty of great stuff to snag at these events, like the cards you see above, Applejack, Carbo-Loader Top 8 Playmats, a Regionals pin, and numbered limited edition autographed Dr. Hooves Mane Character cards! Each location should have two of those autographed cards, one for the top player and one to be given away as a random prize to ANY participant, no matter their skill level, so feel free to attend the events even if you aren't the super-competitive type.

    Head over to this map for times, dates, and locations, and if you live in Australia or elsewhere in Europe you'll be hearing more about your regions pretty soon, so stay tuned.