• BronyCAN Announces Andrea Libman and Shannon Chan-Kent Plus Their Theme

    BronyCAN has also been very busy with their recruitment for their convention this summer, happily announcing the attendance of Andrea Libman and Shannon Chan-Kent! Not only that, they are here to proudly announce their theme for this year: presenting things in a news style format!

    Check after the break for the full details!


    Reporting live from the scene, it’s all gone Pete Tong again here in Vancouver. Our most generous Princess Poutine recently declared that she had found a way to provide all of her citizens with food. Environmentalist groups were later horrified to discover that she intended to turn the Fraser River into gravy and fill it with cheese curds.

    When protesters attempted to disrupt the “infinite poutine” spell, it backfired onto the Princess herself, transforming her into an enormous (but delicious) destroyer of worlds. She is currently rampaging through the woods near Tulameen, though authorities are unable to say whether this is due to any altering effects of the spell, or just her anger at being interrupted.

    Ms. Pinkamena Diane Pie, a local government rock farming consultant, has suggested that a lullaby may assist in calming the situation. As a result, BronyCAN has drafted in both of her official voice providers, the previously reported Andrea Libman and now Shannon Chan-Kent, to help resolve the situation. Both will be attending BronyCAN 2016 in August of this year.

    Shannon Chan-Kent has been in the voice over industry for over 15 years. With an extensive background in both theatre ( having played Christmas Eve in Arts Club’s Avenue Q ) and in Opera ( completing a BMUS and MMUS at UBC ) voice over has always been a natural fit.  Some of her credits include The Littlest Petshop, My Little Pony, Deathnote, Kong, Pucca, Being Ian, Chuck’s Choice, Dr. Dimensionpants, Voltron Force, Fruit Ninja, Carebears and many more. We hope that her presence will be of use to royal authorities in resolving this latest pony crisis.

    This is BC BronyCAN correspondent Angler, reporting live for Richmane News Network. Back to Sunny Showers in the studio.

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