• Strange Ponyville Race Track Revealed on My Little Pony Facebook - Future Episode?

     Here's a weird one spotted over on Facebook by Squeaky Belle. In a new profile picture update, the official page has tossed up the image above. Ponyville in particular appears to have a full on... Mario Kart track? What is usually a river flowing through Ponyville has been dried up and blocked off by hay bales.I can't imagine this is some kind of art derp with how specfic it is. The only other option is Running of the Leaves, but that happened on the outskirts and didn't include a blockade.

    So, what do you think it hints at? A future episode with another type of race? A hint at an upcoming pony kart racing game from Hasbro gaming? Either way, it looks like something cool might be on the horizon, and I would be more than alright with driving through Cloudsdale.