• EQD Improvement Discussion Round #2 - New Posts, New Sections, Help Us Improve!

    To bring in the 2016 year, we posted up a suggestion gathering post back in December asking you all for feedback on what we here at EQD can do to improve everything for everyone! Unfortunately, Intense Debate decided to completely wipe the comments out, which prompted us to switch to Disqus.

    We lost about 3 good days of feedback from that database derp on their end, and unlike the rest of the Intense Debate comments that are currently archived below the new Disqus comments (and migrating to Disqus soon), we don't have any history on them.

    Luckily, we have a reason to create a round 2 of that post anyway, and the only ones that can help are you!

    Below the break, we go over each major category here on the site, what we have changed in the last few weeks, and how you can improve us overall. Now go!

    Note: We still have the questions over here. I don't want to copy paste them over if they are already available. Go grab them if you find one you want to answer for the comments here!

    General EQD Stuff: 

    We are trying to add more custom content posts. Some of the new ones include:

    • Episode Rewatch to celebrate Saturdays while we wait for new episodes, by digging into old ones. 
    • Debates - Still looking for good feedback on how you want these done!
    • 2 New editorial writers in WeAreBorg and TheSlorg
    • Pony Spotlight celebrating one pony and everything they have done in the show weekly!
    • Pony History going over some of the major happenings in our time being a fandom 
    • We are going to start doing interviews again here soon.

    What other post types would you like to see?
    What else would you like to see us generally change?

    With everything on EQD, we need you guys to submit stuff! News especially is something that is important to us. If you see something, send it! Even if you think a million others might already.


    Music is, and continues to be the bigger challenge here. I wrote up a giant editorial (that also got hit by that 3 day wipe in comments) about this very subject. Feel free to leave your comments here instead.

    • What continues to make you stop checking music posts? 
    • Do the specific genre posts help at all? (these won't happen every time, but if we can, we are attempting to combine rock with rock, or electronic with electronic). 
    • If you are a Music of the Day experimenter, do the new genre tags help? 
    • Would "Music Warmup" be a better title for Music of the Day? 
    • How interested would you be in us interviewing musicians in the fandom? 


    Here we added the OC section instead of mixing them with canon ponies, and hopefully cracked down on any loose saucy images a bit better. Art has always done well, so I'm not too worried here.

    One thing you could do to help a ton, is submit wallpapers, cosplay, and SFM art. We get almost none. We haven't had a cosplay post in forever.


    People seemed to like the comic posts how they are, but feel free to leave any feedback on these you want!


    We might be doing a compilation of lower quality near spotlight fics, but we don't want it to just end up like Music of the Day. Spotlight is what EQD does, and we still aren't sure if lower compilations are good.


    We want to post more analysis, but not reviews. Analysis on interesting topics is mainly what we have always looked for, and originally why I recruited Digi back in the day. Reviews seem to be where the analysis community decided to go though.

    We are still open to posting reviews, but mainly the ones that include something else on top via custom animations and the like. And of course, episodes will continue to have review compilations once season 6 starts. 


    Unfortunately, commissioning these guys for everything is pricey. We try to use them when we can though, but our limited art staff makes this difficult.

    I will try to go through and answer anything that comes up. Feel free to bring up whatever you would like! Feel free to drop any kind of feedback you want, negative or positive.