• Poll Results: What Was Your Favorite Episode of Season 5? (And Begin S5 New Character Battle!)

    Diamond Tiara must have done something. If you told me a CMC episode was going to win for best episode of a season back when we were just getting into the show in 2010, I'd think you are loko in the coco. But here we are, and Crusaders of the Lost Mark dominated.

    I'm still sticking to Amending Fences here. I loved that ep.

    Time for a CHARACTER BATTLE. We will be splitting this one into three separate shorter polls to avoid having a giant poll on the side bar again. Be sure to vote and have your friends vote quick!

    The top 9 of these three polls will battle it out in a final poll. 

    Round 1 on the side bar now!

    And get the best episode of season 5 poll below! 

    Poll results Best Episode of Season 5