• Magical New Card Combos in MLP: CCG High Magic

    More cards mean more possibilities, and the latest expansion of My Little Pony CCG has over 150 new cards! That means plenty of new card combos, from the simple to complex, letting you use new and classic cards together to achieve fun new synergy.

    Let's take a look at some ways you can combine High Magic with cards from previous sets to get results that are better than the sum of their parts, down below the break!

    The new Maud Pie, Pet Rocks quickly gains power by winning faceoffs, thanks to the Diligent keyword. After just one faceoff win with Maud, she'll have 4 power, at which point you can play Burst of Strength on her. This will put another four +1 power counters on Maud, for a total of six +1 power counters. Then during the Main Phase you could turn these counters into 9 power in the form of three Rock Friend Tokens, and each can be placed at any Problem you choose!

    DJ Pon-3 and Octavia duet to form the effective new Crowd Pleasers. Showy 2 means that your opponent has to pay 2 additional action tokens to move characters to where DJ and Octavia are performing. Most players get around this by playing Friends to the Problem instead, but that also gets you free Unicorn Friend Tokens!

    So if your opponent is desperate and decides to move a character to that Problem anyway, what's the funnest (aka, meanest) thing you could do? Play Stand Still and move their character back where they started, for the low, low cost of 0 action tokens!

    Giving up Sonata Dusk to get an opponent's Friend for one turn might feel like a tough trade sometimes, but there are ways to make it totally worth it. If you retire Sonata you can grab one of your opponent's more powerful Friends, which already can swing things in your favor. However, they're going to get that Friend back next turn... unless you retire it with Catch Me!, which also lets you dismiss an additional opposing Friend!

    Pink has plenty of cards that let you retire a Friend for some benefit. I just picked this one because Pinkie Pie.

    Blue and Yellow go well together when you want to run a swarm of Critters moving around and powering through Problems with the greatest of ease. Equip Fluttershy's Dangerous Mission Outfit on one of your characters, maybe your Mane, and whenever that character moves to a Problem they'll give everyone there a +1 power boost.

    Blue has a lot of ways to move around outside of the Main Phase, and the most valuable timing is arguably during a faceoff, when a vital point decision is being made and your opponent is most vulnerable. By using Gotta Go Fast on a character with Dangerous Mission Outfit, and bringing them to a Problem where you have many Friends, you could suddenly boost your power there by huge numbers!

    Rise and Shine costs just 1 action token for a sudden boost of two new Critter Friend Tokens in play, and since they're Friend Tokens they stick around for future turns. And what's even better than two 1-power Critter Friends? Two 2-power Critter Friends! Invest in a Conductor's Baton and you can have just that, and for each additional Conductor's Baton (or Fast Food) those critters with be +1 more powerful! If you ever get 3 Conductor's Batons and 3 Fast Foods in play, and thus Rise and Shine two 7-power Critter Token Friends, I want to hear about it.

    This new Trixie already is already efficient, costing 3 action tokens for a 3-power Friend that lets you move an opponent's character away from her Problem, plus some Showy on the side. Minuette, Fast Forward lets you loop through time, replaying Trixie to the Problem once per turn, bringing Trixie back into play just in time for her Showy to still matter for the rest of the turn. This also lets you move an opponent's character home before their Troublemaker phase, which is a vital time for control decks to keep their opponent well in hand.

    These are just six of the fun new combos that have come around thanks to High Magic's new cards, and doesn't even focus on combos made up of two High Magic cards combined together! Next week we'll look at just that, High Magic + High Magic = Higher Magic, so if you share some of your favorite card combos below I'll look through and maybe include them in next week's article. See you then!