• Drawfriend Stuff #1750

    Octavia stole all your candycanes and is hording them under the Christmas tree. If you don't celebrate that, replace Christmas with something festive. How do you respond to this? Do you take back what is rightfully yours, or let Octy have this victory?

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    [1] Source

    What? by Chryseum

    [2] Source

    Night Reading by MagwaiZzz

    [3] Source

    Decorating in the spirit of the holidays by Alasou

    [4] Source

    So what? by ZiG-WORD

    [5] Source

    Luna Day by StarBlaze25

    [6] Source

    Holiday Twilight Poster by Gray--Day

    [7] Source

    Gravity by catopia26

    [8] Source

    Listen, The Snow Is Falling by CloudDG

    [9] Source

    Young Gilda by mysticalpha

    [10] Source

    Fluttershy by Koveliana

    [11] Source

    Winter Pie by raininess

    [12] Source

    Christmas Applejack (GIF) by Emerlees

    [13] Source

    Pone in the shell by Scribblepwn3

    [14] Source

    Christmas Challenge - Dislestia Sweet Moment by LillayFran

    [15] Source

    Luna by Vitaj

    [16] Source

    Into the Christmas Spirit by D0ubleRainb0wDash

    [17] Source

    Sweater Dash by CaptainPudgeMuffin

    [18] Source

    Hoarding Problem [color] by SierraSparx

    [19] Source

    All Subjects of Queen Chrysalis... by Birchflame23

    [20] Source

    The 7th Day of Hearth's Warming by ShujiWakahisaa

    [21] Source

    The 5th Day of Hearth's Warming by ShujiWakahisaa

    [22] Source

    A Flutterdash Christmas by drawponies

    [23] Source

    'Finally Free' Progress Shot #6 by ClayInTheCarpet

    [24] Source

    Reading Times by SilverHopeXIII

    [25] Source

    Night is young by Joe0316

    [26] Source

    Gala Dash commission by PonyGoddess

    [27] Source

    450 by Qweeli

    [28] Source

    Nightmare of the Clouds by AquaticSun

    [29] Source

    Comm: Sky Orchid by pridark

    [30] Source

    Snow Ponies - 30 Min Challenge by Tsitra360

    [31] Source

    Gift for Aggie by otakuap

    [32] Source

    Summer Love by Ventious

    [33] Source

    Make Sense? by Demonic-Pokeyfruit

    [34] Source

    magical Christmas by mauroz