• Stay Brony My Friends #112 With Peter New

    Our friends over at Stay Brony My Friends are back with a brand new episode, this time starring the much more talkative Big Mac: Peter New!

    As always with Stay Brony and the gang, they have a new charity in need of support picked out by Peter! This time around money is being donated to KidPower, an anti school bullying and online bullying organization.

    They've got some great giveaway prizes as well for those who donate so check out the full presser after the break.

    Hey guys! We are back again and this time we bring you the man who puts the Prince in Princess! PETER NEW! 

    Pete dropped by to discuss all things season 5 of MLP from cake eating royal guards to Orchard Blossom's bloomers, a fun time was had by all so check out the YouTube upload for all the details.

    We again made our charity goal and "generic Pony" will be getting a prize pack from us as well as getting his OC into a future "ILoveKimpossibleALot" video!

    Peter's charity this time around is "KidPower"

    Kid power is a wonderful charity that helps with in school and online bullying.
    Online and classroom bullying has become a major problem. It's not "boys will be boys" any more, and the goals of the bullies are no longer limited to pushing someone into a locker or taking their lunch money. This has become a deadly problem, even in fandoms dedicated to positive shows. Governments are not taking this seriously, schools are not taking this seriously, so it's up to us to take up the slack.

    KidPower is an international organization dedicated to solving the problem of bullying. By seeking prevention wherever possible and prosecution when not, by educating parents and police and lawmakers that this isn't a minor problem that can be swept under the rug, KidPower seeks and end to the hate.

    And we stand beside them.

    We have had this happen in our fandom, and now the Stephen Universe fandom has had an artist pushed to the bring because of online bullies. The has GOT to stop! These people can and will help!

    a goodly away of giveaway prizes has been rounded up again but the kicker is a signed set of Twilight Sparkle Secret Shipfic cards from Peter New himself. His Princess Big Mac card as well as three new Orchard Blossom cards being printed as I type this. 
    It's a great cause, lets help them all we can!

    And once again, thank you for your support.

    Dustykatt & Screwball

    Twitter: Calpain