• Random Merch: Design and Draw Funrise Plushies, Drink Glasses, Glass Bowls, Sticker Pads, Toothbrushes, and More!

    The Funrise plushies have a new lineup that lets you color various shapes plastered all over their fur. These were found over on a site called Noriel in Italy. Rarity and Pinkie Pie are both available.

    Thanks to Marie for sending that one! Get your piles of pony merch below!

    Cleansing Gel and Lip Balm

    Found at: Hobby Lobby
    Found by: Ciderjack

    I Heart MLP Winter Set

    Found at: ASDA
    Found by: Luke

    Random Rarity Play Doh Site on amazon

    No image for this one!

    Found at: Amazon
    Found by: Marie

    Pony Mug

    Found at: TJMaxx
    Found by: Derpyhooves

    Pony Stepping Stone

    Found at: Entertainment Earth
    Found by: Jeffrey


    Found at: Target
    Found by: Angela


    Found at: CVS Pharmacy
    Found by: Twilight Sparkle

    Giant Sticker Activity Pad

    Found at: Costco
    Found by: AquaticBrony

    Pony Glasses

    Found at: Wayfair - Glasses / Bowls
    Found by: Crystal