• MLP: CCG High Magic Prerelease - Taking Global Signups Now!

    Attention international players - let your local game shop know that for the first time ever, My Little Pony CCG prerelease kits will be available to many new countries around the world! Retailers and tournament organizers at stores outside of the United States and Canada should fill out this international form and Enterplay will respond with more information on how to host a High Magic Prerelease Event.

    If there are no local game shops near you and you're part of a meetup group or MLP: CCG playgroup, there is a limited supply of 8-player High Magic Prerelease Kits available for $199. Each kit includes 8 booster packs of High Magic per player, a special foil Pf1 A True, True Friend card, the awesome exclusive Figment Token Friend card you see above starring Luna disguised as Nightmare Moon, and more prize cards and packs for winners and giveaways. Meetup group members can order the meetup kit at this store page - be sure to order by November 5th!

    (Note: barring special circumstances, this offer excludes United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Brazil. Please contact op@enter-play.com if you have any questions. All international import fees and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.)

    If you are from a store in the United States or Canada, first please fill out this North American form and then head over to this store page to preorder your prerelease goodies.