• Announcing the Equestria Daily Live Podcast! Premiere at 3 PM PST!

    Pretend that we're professional enough to look like this! Source.

    Hey guys! We've had this a long time in the making, but haven't exactly been able to collect enough people for the podcast until recently. We're proud to announce that Equestria Daily is going to do a weekly podcast on the fandom and the show, usually things that we feel deserve a round-table discussion. While I enjoy my editorials and still plan on doing them, blog ponies such as Sethisto, Phoe, Illustrious Q, and Cups would like to get in on the conversations. What better way than with a live podcast?

    We plan to have the podcast be an hour to 75 minutes long, with time for questions much like the previous Q and Neighs. If you would like your question answered, leave it in the comments on this post or use the hashtag #EQDPodcast on Twitter.

    This week's topic will be: cutie marks! With the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally getting their marks, we plan to talk about how a cutie mark has changed throughout the show, and whether "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" has fully cemented the lore of the cutie marks.

    We plan to be streaming at around 3 PM PST, which means 6 PM EST. Keep your eyes on Sethisto's and my Twitter just in case there are any stream hiccups. We'll update this post with the link once we're up and ready! See you there!

    (Update 2: Live isn't working, we are going to record and post it later. Sorry everyone! Next week, we will do it live if things actually work)