• The HUB 5th Anniversary Promo Reel - Three New Never Before Seen Pony Promos!

    (Yep... that's a thing)

    The 5th anniversary of ponies brings back some memories, especially of the network that gave birth to ponies: The HUB. A former employee of The HUB has created an hour long video highlighting  the promos from the HUB that were shown at their last creative services meeting. It's an hour long of nostalgia for pony fans out there that came into the show during the HUB days.

    Check on after the break for a trip to the past!

    Never before seen pony promos!

    The Hub Bronies

    Villantines Day Marathon

    Live Action My Little Pony (Unreleased April Fools?) 

    Get the entire 1 hour marathon here:

    The End from Neil Carnahan - Video Editor on Vimeo.

    Playlist compiled by Spazz, including both old and new!

    Thanks to Squeaky and everyone else who sent this in.

    Twitter: Calpain