• Music of the Day #571

    Celestia and Twilight spend every season going through their scripts and pointing out interesting things while drinking tea. Truly amazing.

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    [1] Source

    Scenes from an Equestrian Restaurant - a Billy Foal Joint by Dustykatt Rhoades

    [2] Source

    Days Apart - DivinumX (Punk Rock) by DivinumX

    Punk Rock

    [3] Source

    ReuelBrony - I Missed You by ReuelBrony

    Melodic Electronic

    [4] Source

    Sonic Rainboom - Bad Trip by originalph00tbag


    [5] Source

    EM120X - Of Care and Peace by EM120X

    [6] Source

    Panic (Ft. Fritzybeat) - Can't Wait (Pendragon Remix) by Pendragon12


    [7] Source

    Fred Thomas - Love Is In Bloom by A Little Bit for Charity


    [8] Source

    EnergyBrony - Endless Dream (P@D // Starlit Flames) by EnergyBrony

    [9] Source

    Jyc Row - We're finally there by Jyc Row

    [10] Source

    Swagg-Bronii- Raise This Barn by SWAGG -BRONII