• Mini-Editorial: You Should Still Back Them's Fightin' Herds!

    Them's Fightin' Herds is fully funded, and many a fightin' fan is thrilled! I know I am!

    But just because TFH is funded doesn't mean it's all over and it's time to rest on our laurels. Now is the PERFECT time to back their campaign. Why? The biggest reason is to support Mane6 and help them make a great game greater and keep on making more.

    Check out below the break for a click-baity Top 6 Reasons You Should Contribute to Them's Fightin' Herds tonight!

    #1 - Support Indie Game Devs

    Two big points here. First off, they're asking for this level of funding to basically do everything at minimum wage, with no extra room for error. If something major happens to hardware or software, if there's an emergency that takes a developer out of work for a couple months, anything like that? They basically have no cushion without our additional support.

    The second point is that if Them's Fightin' Herds is a big enough "thing" for Mane6, they could become a long-term indie game developer who goes on to make more awesome stuff! And you, YOU, could help them do that. Doesn't that warm the cockles of your heart?

    #2 - Velvet

    Top deer. Nuff said.

    #3 - Just a few thousand more bucks = a free 7th character for all backers!

    When their campaign reaches $546K, every backer will receive a free character after release. So not only will your contribution help support the game by adding another character, but by being a backer you're guaranteed to get 7 characters instead of just 6 when they hit that stretch goal! And just a little more beyond that will help give the goat her own stage, story, music, and fully fleshed out lore.

    Plus, more characters means more palettes...

    #4 - Closed Beta Access and awesome Soundtrack at $40

    I know we can't all afford $40 right now. It's nearly the holiday season, some huge games are coming out soon, money is tight... Everyone understands.

    If you CAN swing it, though, that $40 is a huge help for Mane6, and will get you the soundtrack AND access to the Closed Beta on Steam. This means you'll be playing as soon as there's a beta available, plus remember how awesome the Fighting is Magic soundtrack was? Yeah.

    So definitely consider $40 if you can, instead of the "minimum" $15 for just a copy of the game.

    #5 - Cute Misunderstood Unicorns

    Nuff said.

    #6 - Fighting is Magic is FUN and Mane6 is great!

    Seriously guys, Fighting is Magic is a very fun game, even without hitting a full release. I should know, I had the opportunity to compete in the only official FiM tournament at Canterlot Gardens and meet some Mane6ers. The game is great even for the casual crowd while still being awesome at the higher levels of prowess. Seriously, if I could get Top 8 at Canterlot Gardens and second place at the unofficial tourney at Bronycon this year, then YOU could probably do way better. Plus, the developers are really cool! They just want to make awesome things for people who like what they like.

    So yeah, everyone please consider pitching in to support Them's Fighting Herds before it's too late. You only have until tonight to help out when it matters most: while they're still getting things lined up to make TFH come to life.

    If you follow this link you'll go to the Them's Fightin' Herds campaign. If you follow THIS link you'l do so and use my personal referral code, which in full disclosure will get me... a cute tooty horn. I do kinda want that. But what I want more is for Mane6 to thrive! So click the link you think works best for you.

    And thank you for your consideration. Indie gaming forever!

    Bonus #7 - Velvet again
    omg best deer