• Artist Spotlight: JadedJynx / ABronyAccount / Majkarogo / TheOwlGoesMoo

    Phew, like with my recent Tumblr Spotlight email cleaning, I managed to reduce the queue for this feature a bit but I've still got something like 130 emails left. Let's hope I can keep the motivation up to shorten that list.

    Today we've got a unique mix of artists for you guys! From traditional, to digital, to even 3D we've got a little bit of everything today. Check on after the break for all our awesome artists!

    I am currently not accepting anymore artists for the spotlight as I still have 150 emails to go through. I'm going to start from the beginning (emails from 2013) and try my best to clear all these guys out. If you sent in an artist before, thank you so much for your patience! I never expected this feature to take off like it did so I'm a bit overwhelmed.

    Check out our spreadsheet here to see who has been featured!


    First up on our list today is JadedJynx, an artist that has been in my list for awhile but has since risen to popularity quite a bit! The author of the popular My Little Sterelis comic, she has proven herself to be a very talented digital artist as well as comic artist. Filled with a gamut of pics ranging from the exciting, to the highly detailed and to the sometimes simply cute, there is plenty to check out in her gallery!

    JadedJynx's Gallery


    Our next artist up at bat is one you guys might find familiar! ABronyAccount is one of our commenters here on the sight, usually finding just the right pun for the situation. Not only is he great at livening up the comment section but he is a skilled traditional artist as well, bringing his own brand of humor to many of his pictures. Mixing the cute and the humorous you can't really ho wrong checking out his work!

    ABronyAccount's Gallery


    I'm quite the sucker for traditional art so it always makes me happy when I can share more than one in a single spotlight. Next up is Majkarogo, a traditional artist with a specialty in single pony body shots brought to life in full color! A lot of their work involves ponified characters from other forms of media, so check out their gallery to see if you can find one of your faves.

    Majkarogo's Gallery


    Finally for today we've got something a little bit special for you guys to sink your teeth into! Anthro artwork can be hard to pull, especially for those new to it or have only ever really drawn pony anatomy. Now try doing anthro in a 3D environment! TheOwlGoesMoo is one such person I believe has pulled off anthro in 3D without it looking too uncanny all while putting his characters into highly detailed scenes and scenarios. From Sweetie Belle hugging Rarity to a sleepover between students at Ponyville School he is able to pull off some amazing things with his 3D skills.

    TheOwlGoesMoo's Gallery

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