• Music of the Day #557

    Celestia with lightsabers? Les do it!

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    [1] Source

    MLP: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games Song "Don't Play With Friendship" +Lyrics - Psychoacoustic by Psychoacoustic [3D SURROUND MUSIC]
    Nu Disco

    [2] Source

    FlightRush - VIP Only (Flightless Remix) by Flightless

    [3] Source

    Play Your Part (literal Version) by Cadie 〈3

    [4] Source

    UndreamedPanic & FritzyBeat - Can't Wait (Rock Cover) by Rossiboys


    [5] Source

    Crystal Heart by Francis Vace

    [6] Source

    P.F.F.(PonyFriendsForever) by DolceTikky by DolceTikky

    [7] Source

    StealingShad3Z and SrightryAmiss - "15 Years" (PMV) by StealingShad3Z

    Hardcore Punk Rock

    [8] Source

    You'll Play Your Part - Strigidae & Cadie Cover by Atrium Strigidae

    Pop / Ballad

    [9] Source

    Denz Xavier - Freedom Ride by Denz Xavier