• Music of the Day #551

    How would you entertain Dashie while her wing is healing? What song in this Music of the Day post would you play for her? Or any brony song?

    Head on down below for some music!

    [1] Source

    (Rap) Mane - Endings by Mane [Official]


    [2] Source

    Rossiboys - Nightmares Inbound by Rossiboys

    [3] Source

    FlightRush - VIP Only by FlightRushOfficial

    Hybrid Trap

    [4] Source

    Morning in Ponyville in B Minor by Alexey Kotlyar

    [5] Source

    Little Miss Trickster (Original Song) by 24railwaycuttings

    [6] Source

    idkQuicksilver feat. Stallionslaughter - Promise by idkQuicksilver