• MLP: CCG Developer's Deck - "Fear of Success"

    One of the really fun parts about new collectible card game sets coming out is that your old deck ideas suddenly get new ammo, shining in all new ways. Now that Equestrian Odysseys has been out for a while, let's take a look at some deck ideas from members of the development team for the My Little Pony CCG.

    Today we'll start off by checking out one by the MLP: CCG lead designer. Darrell has loved frighten decks ever since Canterlot Nights, and you can see below that the deck has only gotten more fun with Equestrian Odysseys. Check beneath the break!

    "Fear of Success"

    Summary from Darrell: Frightening is a fun deck type that really came into its own with Equestrian Odysseys. The goal of the deck is to frighten your opponent's Friends with various effects, then use Goosebump Giver and Unending Nightmare to frighten more and keep them scared. Maud and Highly Motivated protect your own Friends from your Troublemakers, while Barrel Through and the Changeling Drone team up to ensure your Problem faceoffs are blow-outs!

    (Check below the deck list for card images and some more card discussion!)

    1 x Nightmare Moon, Mistress of the Night - AD (Absolute Discord)

    3 x Changeling Drone, Fear Eater - AD
    3 x Rainbow Dash, Goosebump Giver - CN (Canterlot Nights)
    3 x Gilda, Feather Ruffler - EO (Equestrian Odysseys)
    3 x Chief Thunderhooves, On the Warpath - EO
    3 x Lightning Dust, Ruthless Racer - EO
    3 x Tank, Burrower - EO
    3 x Trixie, Rock Farmer - EO
    3 x Maud Pie, Not Amused - EO
    3 x Lyra, Good Posture - AD
    2 x Barrel Through - EO
    2 x Spooky Scary Story - AD
    3 x Unending Nightmare - TCG (The Crystal Games)

    3 x Highly Motivated - EO

    3 x Ahuizotl - Premiere
    2 x Discord, Utter Pandemonium - AD
    3 x Apple Bloom's Shadow, Waking Nightmare - EO

    2 x Ready to Fight - EO
    2 x High Speed Chase - AD
    2 x To Griffonstone - EO
    1 x Hay Bale Monster Stack - EO
    1 x Bottom of the Well - CN
    2 x Through the Cave - TCG

    Ponyhead Link to Decklist

    These are two of the really effective frighten cards that were added in Equestrian Odysseys, and they share something in common: they start faceoffs that let you frighten an opponent's Friend for "free" if you win the faceoff, with NO repercussions if you lose! Gilda also comes with the added benefit of having 3 power in that faceoff, thanks to the new Competitive keyword.

    Rainbow Dash, Goosebump Giver is a classic part of frighten decks and she shines in this one as well. If one of your cards causes an opponent's Friend to be frightened, you simply exhaust Rainbow Dash and bam, you get to choose another Friend to get spooked! Chief Thunderhooves is a new addition from Equestrian Odysseys that lets you cause a frighten simply by moving him to a Problem, enabling Goosebump Giver to do her job.

    Using Villains like Ahuizotl and Discord can cause some collateral damage, frightening your own Friends along with your opponent's. That's where Maud Pie, Not Amused comes in handy, preventing your Friends from being frightened if she's beefed up.

    Highly Motivated is a great way to not only make Maud strong enough to trigger her anti-frighten protection, but also make her stronger and stronger every turn. Soon your opponent will be forced to find a way to remove her... or sit and watch you confront Problems or defeat your own Villains with just your giant Maud alone!

    We'll be back again soon with another deck from someone on the MLP: CCG dev team, this time Adam with a deck for the Equestrian Odysseys block format. See you then!