• Newbie Artist Training Grounds V: Day 2

    You guys came up with some interesting ideas for today's theme! Lots of still ponies, ponies holding on to other ponies and so on! Today we've gotten a grand total of 283 entries so keep it up my friends!

    For tonight your theme shall be a step up from last night: you'll be Drawing a pony moving/Drawing a pony shaking. As always you have until midnight to submit your drawings which you can do so here.
    We've got some hints to help clear some things up tonight for those submitting pictures. While the submitter gives a desciption for dA, you can submit any link that ends in .jpg, .png, ect. That includes imgur, tumblr and other such sites.

    If your picture didn't make it into the gallery despite a successful upload, please try uploading again!
    Now get to drawing my friends and check after the break for today's gallery.

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