• Amazon Fixed the Gameloft My Little Pony Game! No More Microtransactions!

    If you follow me at all outside of EQD, you have probably seen me spit some venom about the state of the horrible, microtransaction riddled, so called "free to play" games that are plaguing the poor, unsuspecting kids these days. An entire generation that thinks this is alright! A terrifying prospect if I do say so my self.

    Luckily, Amazon is here to save the day. A new service called "Amazon Underground" is scooping up a whole bunch of games previously ruined by the awfulness of nickel and diming for everything, and revamping them to be actually free. In wave #1, the My Little Pony game is included.

    So, what is the difference between this new Amazon version and the live one?

    • Gem aquisition greatly boosted
    • Buying gems with real money completely removed
    • Better rewards everywhere
    • More free loot!

    There are still some pretty hefty build times, but gems are much easier to get now, so you can skip without worrying about wasting your real life bits. I've played it for a few hours, and haven't run into a "catch" yet. Amazon wins.

    Download it over here.

    And feel free to drop your friend code in the comments! I'm not sure if the normal version can crossover with the Amazon one for our megapost, but you can give this a shot.

    (Add 9bc6 if you want me!)