• Discussion: What Pony Crossover Race Would You Like to See Most?

    Over the years, the fandom has created a whole bunch of interesting offshoots for pony races. The show likes to sneak neat ideas into the background, but nothing stops the collective minds of an armada of geek culture gods! Bat ponies, Plane ponies, Moth ponies, giant fluffball ponies, you name it and we have probably ponied it.

    Once again, our hypothetical Hasbro exec has returned for another round of "ask the brony fandom!". He needs a new toy line for 2016, and you are going to provide the ideas for it!

    What new race of ponies do you build? Or what existing fan created race do you want to see in the show most? Are the bat ponies of Hallowshades about to make their grand season 6 debut?!

    Head on down to the comments and drop your TOP NEW PONY RACE!

    top bat