• Fallout Equestria Game Update - Combat Demonstration

    After first spotlighting some of the weapons that would be available in the FoE Game some time back, the crew are ready to demonstrate what combat will look like in the game with a brand new update!

    Check on after the break for the full demonstration and a link to the blog page for more news on the goings on at Overmare Studios. Looks like they are recruiting so if you are interested in helping out just give them a contact!

    We have big plans for summer, BIG PLANS! But the bigger the plans, the harder they are to achieve, so we require some additional horsepower to get there.

    We are looking for a few 3D modelers, especially those who are specialized in organic models and those making environment models and textures. The more common hard-surface modelers are welcome as well, but the organic and environment modelers are the special kind we could use the most.

    When you submit your application, tell us a little about your experience and give us examples of the models you have made before. No need to send the actual models, renders and screenshots are enough. In order to get into the team you need to know at least:
    • How to make clean hard-surface models
    • How to UV unwrap and texture models
    • How to bake normal maps out of a hi-poly model (generating them from textures is not enough)
    • How to make detailed textures
    • How to make specular and gloss masks
    • Knowing rigging and Physically Based Rendering -systems is a huge plus, but not required

    When you apply, you will be tested for these skills and how fast you are at completing tasks. The test can also be used for practicing the required skills if needed and there isn’t any set time limit for completing the test, however the longer you take, the higher are the expectations.

    Twitter: Calpain