• Discussion: The 4th Wall is Destroyed! How Do the Ponies React To Their New Reality?

    On a calm Saturday morning as a new episode aired, the collective consciousness of millions of eager pony fans created a time space tear that suddenly linked the imaginary pony world we have all been watching for four years to our reality. The mane 6  found themselves staring out into a vast new dimension filled with odd hairless monkey things wearing tee shirts and carrying around plushies of them and their friends.

    It seems the random shenanigans of Pinkie Pie were true all along, and, at least in this dimension, Equestria and all of their friends were created at a cartoon studio! Their lives written out on scripts, and millions of bits being made on their personas covering just about anything you could think to sell.

    How do you think the ponies would react to their newfound reality? What would each of them say in this situation?

    How would you react to seeing them pop up on earth?

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    Thanks to Alaric for the discussion idea!