• Convention Compilation - April 4th

    A whole bunch of conventions have suddenly released some awesome news for those interested in them, and with the new episode it's a bit hard to fit them all into their own slots without burying the pony stuff. Time for a convention compilation! Have the headlines and main conventions involved:

    BronyCAN - Announcing DHX Artists!
    Everfree Northwest 2015 - Ingrid Nilson, VA of Maud Pie, will be a Special Guest!
    MLP-MSP Presents the #MSPTunedIn Sweepstakes!
    Fiesta Equestria $5 Off Sale
    Ponyville Ciderfest Pony Days Sale and Hotel Reg is Open 

    And get their pressers below the break!

    Announcing DHX Artists!

    BronyCAN proudly welcomes five artists from DHX Media Vancouver in our next lineup of featured guests!

    Laura Bifano
    Fernanda Ribeiro
    Kora Kosicka
    Charmaine Verhagen
    Rebecca Dart

    Laura Bifano grew up in the rainy pacific northwest of Canada where she spent her days running around in the forest and drawing pictures. Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008, she's split her time between taking on the odd freelance contract, doing lots of fine arty things for galleries, and working on animated shows and feature films.

    More on Laura: http://www.laurabifano.com/

    Fe Ribeiro is a Brazilian graduated in graphic design with a passion for children's entertainment. After some years of school and working experiences in Brazil, she moved to Vancouver to study classical animation at the Vancouver Film School. While there, she created two shorts: "Tim and Ted" and "Cup of Tea". After graduating from VFS, she decided to stay in Canada and now works as a colour artist at DHX Media Vancouver, and also does freelance illustration and visual development.

    More on Fernanda: http://www.feribeiro.com/

    Kora Kosicka is a children's media illustrator who primarily works in character and toy design; her background includes design work for Disney Canada, DHX Media, and Hasbro Studios. Kora's MLP credits include character design for seasons 3, 5 and 6, as well as Equestria Girls. Her goals in life are coffee, rabbits, and sunshine.

    More on Kora: http://www.kosicka.com/

    Charmaine doodles a lot and draws the odd comic here and there. She gets paid to draw little ponies and little pony accessories, and adventures of a boy and his magical dog bro. Y'know, stuff and junk.

    Charmaine Verhagen is a designer on MLP: FiM, freelance storyboard revisionist on Adventure Time, and does background cleanup on Nerds and Monsters. She graduated from ACAD with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications, with a focus on Character Design. She now resides in Vancouver and probably should be drawing more.

    More on Charmaine: http://charmainevee.tumblr.com/

    Rebecca Dart is a Vancouver artist that has been working in the local animation industry for 17 years. In the past she's worked on such shows as Ned's Newt and Mission Hill. She has worked on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since season 2 and is the designer of such characters as Queen Chrysalis and her changelings, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, Ahuizotl, the Power Ponies, Sunset Shimmer and many others. She also did character design for the first Equestria Girls movie. Rebecca is currently the art director on MLP:FiM season 5.

    More on Rebecca: http://r-dart.tumblr.com/

    Ingrid Nilson, VA of Maud Pie, will be a Special Guest at Everfree Northwest 2015!

    Ingrid was skeptical 10 years ago when a mystic told her that her life’s work would be all about her voice. Since then, she has been heard as ‘Raspberry Torte’ in 4 seasons of Strawberry Shortcake, as ‘Maud Pie’ in My Little Pony, as punk rocker ‘Sloan’ in an upcoming Barbie movie and more. In a career that has spanned over a decade and includes on-camera work, she has had the pleasure of appearing with some of Hollywood’s gems. A classically trained singer (Royal Conservatory of Music), actor (UBC Honors Degree in Theatre) and dancer, Ingrid was raised onThe Sound of Music and old school musicals. She lives in Vancouver, BC where you can find her teaching yoga and meditation, biking around town, and promoting positive body image in schools with non-profit Project True.

    So come to Seattle May 29-31 in Seattle, WA and see Ingrid at this year’s Everfree Northwest convention!

    (Artwork by Dana “Pedantia” Simpson )

    MLP-MSP Presents the #MSPTunedIn Sweepstakes!

    Are you psyched about the return of pony this Saturday? We are! In fact, we're so psyched, we're hosting a photo sweepstakes that could win YOU a free 3-Day pass to MLP-MSP 2015!

    If you're hosting or attending a viewing party of the season premiere this Saturday, snap some pictures and tweet them @MLPMinnesota using the hashtag #MLPTunedIn. You can also post them on Facebook using the same hashtag! We'll be retweeting and sharing some of the entries throughout the day, and will choose TWO winners at random to receive free 3-Day passes to MLP-MSP 2015!

    The contest will be running from 5am to 1pm Central Standard Time, so tweet/post your photos then! Winners will be announced at the end of the day Saturday, April 4th. You can enter more than once, however, if the selected winners have already purchased 3-Day passes, we cannot provide a refund. The prize pass can be given to a friend or forfeited to a runner-up. Winners will be contacted via direct messages, so make sure you're following @MLPMinnesota!

    Make getting up early on the weekend worth it! Post those pictures and keep an eye on your direct messages this Saturday!

    Fiesta Equestria $5 Off Sale 

    Hello Bronies and a happy new Season! Everyone with Fiesta Equestria is super excited for season 5, so in celebration of the new season, we are running $5 dollar off sale on all our 3-day badges on the day of the premiere! You can check out the sale and purchase your badge here: http://www.fiestaequestria.com/purchase-your-badge/

    If you are interested in running a panel, you can still submit your panel on our website as well. Also, don't forget to check out all of our guests announced so far while you're there! Enjoy the premiere everypony!

    Ponyville Ciderfest Pony Days Sale and Hotel Reg is Open

    "Howdy Folks! Ponyville Ciderfest is proud to announce our PONYDAYS FLASH SALE! For 24 hours, all badges will be 10% off using code PONYDAYS when you register (This excludes the top tier which is 5% off)

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