• 1 Day of Pony - Butt Symbol Brawlers

    One day? It's really happening isn't it? I'm almost nervous!

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders have gone through several phases over the years. I remember their earliest episodes and the reactions on the major boards of the time. People weren't too fond of the mane cast losing the spotlight.  Over the years though this opinion has changed for the most part, though if that poll is any indication, you all still love some mane 6.

    I think these three work best when they aren't a trio. Some of the best moments are when Rarity teams up with Sweetie Belle or Rainbow Dash with Scootaloo. I really enjoy seeing the sisterly reactions. That doesn't mean they haven't had some great episodes together. It's sort of a mixed bag though.

    Anyway, go talk about the CMC below, and prepare for one final version of these posts tomorrow! Who is it gonna be?! I bet you can all guess...

    Expect stream events to go up in the morning, and the episode post at it's usual seasonal time.