• 0 Days of Pony - TRIXIE

    The new episode is TODAY! Are you excited? Trixie is excited. She uncontrollably licked your screen. We all thought ponies evolved out of that.

    She may have always been the unofficial mascot of EQD, and she will be seeing some original character competition soon, but that doesn't mean she's not going to adorn a banner or 30.

    Will we see her in season five? She had a pretty big presence over the summer with the comics and Equestria Girls, but not so much as a background appearance in season 4. Have they exhausted the amount of humor they can pull off with her ridiculous personality? We will find out soon.

    Now go! Discuss Trixie and all the ways she has changed your life.

    (Note: Episode Discussion/Stream goes up in 2 hours. Prepare for it!)