• Random Merch: Sewing Machine, Umbrella, Beach Towels, 3D Gilda, and More!

    That is an Equestria Girls sewing machine. Yes, we now have a sewing machine merch item for pony. I never thought I'd see the day.

    That one was found over on a Brazilian website by Deiny, and get more random merch below!


    Found at: Submarino
    Found by: Daieny

    Puzzle Carpet

    Found at: Submarino
    Found by: Daieny

    Beach Towel

    Found at: Target / Walmart
    Found by:  Framwinkle

    Shapeways Gilda

    Found at: Shapeways
    Found by: The4thaggie


    Found at: The toy box
    Found by: Michael

    Random Pony Shoes

    Found at: Acuteshop
    Found by: GT

    Dash Head Pillow

    Found at: Joannes Fabric
    Found by: Presently Imperfect

    Umbrella with Figure Handle

    Found at: Joannes Fabrics
    Found by: Edd Dee

    Jumbo Pin

    Found at:
    Found by:

    Pony Light Spinner Wand Thing

    Found at: Walgreens
    Found by: Danielle