• (Update: Debunked) Possible Episode Titles for The First Six Episodes of Season 5?

    A few weeks ago, IMDB posted up a bunch of episode titles along with the season 5 release date long before we saw it officially released. Usually IMDB can't be used as a source due to it's fan-editable nature, but considering they were somehow right about the April 4th as a release date, it may have been legit all along.

    IMDB has six episodes listed, and since then a scraping site that collects from legit TV listing databases has been updated with an exact list matching that. It doesn't list IMDB as one if it's sources, so this could mean we have a secondary confirmation.

    Good citizens of EQD, we still can't call any of these 100%, but it could be fun to speculate regardless. Head on down below the break for all of them!

    Update: We are being told from some inside sources that episodes 3-6 are fake titles. Guess we might be axing this list!

    S05 E01: Cutie Markless (1)
    Date: 4th Apr

    S05 E02: Cutie Markless (2)
    Date: 4th Apr

    S05 E03: Library Blues
    Date: 11th Apr

    S05 E04: Fall Me Out
    Date: 18th Apr

    S05 E05: Seal Deal
    Date: 25th Apr

    S05 E06: Brother, Can You Spare a Duck?
    Date: 2nd May

    Thanks to Nicolas Dominique for the heads up!