• My Little Pony Series 3 Trading Cards - out now!

    That's a lot of poni
    My Little Pony Series 3 Trading Cards are out there now! Lots of people who preordered have already gotten them in the mail, and everyone else should be able to go to big stores like Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us to find them as early as today!

    Enterplay is celebrating over on Facebook today by having games and contests to win sweet Lenticular Cards, along with one lucky grand prize winner netting a "Weird Al" Yankovic Autograph Card! Head on over and check it out.
    Here's a list of today's events:
    * 1PM Maud Pie Poetry Slam
    * 2PM Caption It!
    * 3PM Pony Abridged
    * 4PM MLP Series 3 Q&A with Enterplay Staff